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The verses quoted in our Bible studies are taken from the King James Version. In some of them you will find a word with a number next to it. These are definitions of words that will help us understand what our Father is telling us. These definitions are taken from the Strong's Concordance. We hope that these Bible studies are a blessing for you. We will be adding more from time to time so we hope that you stop by again.

In the Beginning

Garden of Eden Find out what Adam and Eve did wrong in the garden of Eden.

Three World Ages The earth is millions of years old and there was an earth age that we all lived in before this one. It had dinosaurs and everyone was happy. God created this earth to be inhabited but He had to destroy the first earth age. This study will tell you how He did it.

Rebellion of Satan This study tells us why God had to destroy the first earth age. At a time when things seemed to be going so well and everyone was happy. Find out what went wrong and why we are here today.

Children of Israel

Children of Israel Jewish People Only? Most people believe that the children of Israel are only the Jewish people. That is not what the Word of God tells us. The Jewish people are part of the children of Israel but they do not represent all of them. In this study you will find out from which tribe of Israel the Jewish people descended from and information on Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Ephraim and Manasseh are better known as Great Britain and the United States of America toady.

Was Jesus Christ a Jew? Find out if Jesus Christ was Jewish or not.

Christian Living

How to Pray A study on how to pray that will improve our prayer life and bring us closer to our Father. A better prayer life will bring us more blessings.

Healthy Foods Find out which foods God said are ok for us to eat and will keep us healthy. Documentation from God's Word that following His food laws pays off in a very short time.

Rise Above Overwhelmed by your circumstances? Worrying about the problems of your everyday life? Learn how to rise above in the lesson Jesus Christ taught us by walking on the water.

Holy Days

Sabbath Learn what is our true Sabbath and how we can have that rest everyday.

Christmas The wonderful story of when Jesus Christ began to dwell with mankind.

Passover or Easter Which one should Christians celebrate? Jesus Christ has become our Passover and Christians should celebrate Passover and not easter. Easter is a pagan festival and a tradition of men, not God.

The Law

Ten Commandments A study on the law's that our Father gave us to live by.
updated 10-9-99

Ten Commandments Printer friendly version.

Capital Punishment God is for capital punishment, Jesus Christ did not do away with this law. Learn from God's Word what the difference is between killing a person and murdering them. The punishment is not the same.

Homosexuality and the Bible What does God's Word really say about homosexuality?

Abortion In this abortion study you will learn that life begins at conception. It is the very first teaching by Jesus Christ. What is to be done to the person that hurts a pregnant woman and that having an abortion falls into the class of premeditated murder.

Parables of Jesus Christ

Why did Jesus Christ Speak in Parables Jesus Christ spoke in parables because some things are to be kept secret from some. Find out why and who are the people that are to understand the parables.

Parable of the Tares In this parable Jesus Christ tells us of the events that happened in the garden of Eden.


Days of Noah Christ told us it would be like it was in the days of Noah when He returns. Find out what He meant and why our Father sent the flood in the first place.

Rapture of the Church Does it really say that Christ will return for anyone before the 7th trump? Or is this just a lie from Satan?

Mark of the Beast Just what is the mark of the beast? Find out what our Father's Word said the mark of the beast really is. Do you already have the mark of the beast and not even know it?

Speaking in Tongues God's Word tells us that when the people of Acts chapter two spoke with the gift of the Holy Spirit everyone understood them. Can you understand someone that claims to be speaking in tongues of Acts chapter two?

Other Helpful Bible Studies

Divine Names of God A list of the different names of God. Gives a definition, how it's used and a scripture reference. Knowing the different names for our Father will give us a better understand of His word. updated 3-20-01

Other names for Satan A list of some of Satan's other names that he goes by with Scripture reference and definition.

Television's Noah's Ark Movie A short commentary pointing out some of the lies in the movie and that it's best to read God's Word for ourselves.

Great Bible Stories A list of some of the greatest stories which includes the Scripture reference.

Structure of the Books of the Bible A list of the books and the structure of them.

Y2K and Beyond Survival Tips Is Y2K in prophecy? Will Jesus Christ return on January 1 2000? Also has some good tips on what you should do before Y2K and keep on doing in the future.

Translators Letter to King James This is the letter that the translators of the King James Bible wrote to King James himself. It is a short letter and worth reading. It should be noted that this letter was written a very long time ago and some of the spelling of English words has changed since then. For instance, they spell Jesus, Iesvs. I chose not to change the spelling of any words and to post the letter as they wrote it to King James almost 400 years ago.

Bible Study Books These are the books that we use to help us work on our Bible studies.

Frequently Asked Bible Questions Answers to some frequently asked questions about different topics and our Bible studies.

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