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Bible Study Books

These are the books that we use to help us work on the Bible studies and games for our site. We highly recommend these to get a deeper understanding of our Father's word.

Companion Bible - American Christian Press - 2141 pages The Companion Bible is the Authorized Version of the 1611 King James Bible. One of the things that makes this Bible different from others is the margin on each page of scripture. This extra margin gives the reader of this Bible valuable information not found in other Bibles. A few things that are noted in the margin are: an outline of the entire Bible by E. W. Bullinger, figures of speech, synonymous, 1st occurrence of important words or expressions and other valuable information. It also has 198 appendixes that contain a wealth of information.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - James Strong - Thomas Nelson Publishers - 1838 pages The Strong's Concordance is an excellent Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek dictionary. It allows readers of the KJV to look up the words and get the meaning of them in the original language. It lists the words of the KJV and gives where it is used in the Bible as well as the number for it's definition.

Other helpful Bible study books

Abrahamic Covenant (E. Raymond Capt) - Artisan Publishers - 48 pages A small but very informative book outlining the migration of the ten tribes of Israel that were scattered by God. You maybe very surprised to find out where they are today.

Apocrypha (Edgar J. Goodspeed) - Vintage Books - 493 pages The Apocrypha is the books that are found in the Septuagint, but were not included in the final canonical version of the Bible.

Atlas of the Bible Lands - Hammond Incorporated - 48 pages Detailed maps of the Biblical lands of the Old and New Testaments. Also includes city plans, diagrams, photos and charts.

Biblical Mathematics (Ed F. Vallowe) - 239 pages The spiritual significance of numbers used in the Word of God. Such as seven being spiritual completeness and fourteen being salvation.

Discovering God's Natural Truth (Phyllis McCullough Downing) - 56 pages This is an excellent book for children's Bible study. Twenty four different topics are covered in an easy to read format. The book has many illustrations and provides definitions to key words. It also has a quiz at the end for your child to take.

Interlinear Bible (Jay P. Green) - Hendrickson - Four volume set This is an Hebrew - Greek - English Bible. On each page of Scripture it provides the original language with the Strong's Concordance numbers above each word. Also provided with that is an literal English translation.

Tracing our Ancestors (Frederick Haberman) - 185 pages A book tracing the so called lost ten tribes of Israel throughout history.

If your unable to find these books at your local book store, they are available from the Shepherd's Chapel.

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